The"SRI LAKSHMI HAYAGREEVA" is the adi avataram which means the first one of the "SRI MAHAVISHNU" ,which the before one of the Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Gautama Buddha and Kalki, while the godess lakshmi is getting alankaramu(mackup)  then is maha vishnu has commented on the lakshmi devi adn the sri laksmi has get out of the vikantuam and came to the earth.While the the lord "SRI MAHA VISHNU is on sllep(youga needra) the demons(రాక్షసులు)has been destroying the whole world by there powers they has even stolen the whole vedas and are has been kept in the patalalokam the utmost lokam of the univers {it is said that there are fourteen(14)lokas in which the manushay(HUMANS)is the middle one}.

Then the eswara(shiva) creator of the universe (bhrama) and the whole 32 core devatas(దేవతలు) has arrived to SRI MAHA VISHNU by the time the devatas arrive to him he was sleeping with an BOW under his chin they all were unable to do any thing to wake up the LORD then the bhrama has created theinsect named as TERIMINATOR(చెదపురుగు).Then the insect has given the task to cut the thread of the bow (వింటినారి)then the insect has cut the thread of the bow the. Since the thread has been tied tight to the bow this has cut off the head of the sri maha vishnu then the gods's are having an un iamgenable incdent after a few seconds the "VOICE FROM THE SKY"(ఆకాశవాణి)said that "GO AND BRING THE WHITE HORSE HEAD WHICH IS SLEEPING FACEING TOWARDS THE NORTH".Then the gods went and brought the.......

"HORSE HEAD HAD ATTACHED IT TO "the "BODY OF SRI MAHA VISHNU".then the vishnu is named as the "HAYAGREEVA" from then the lord sri maha vishnu is named as the hayagreeva. After the avataram of the hayagreeva he has killed the demons named as madhu and kettiva whos has stolen vedas from the bhrama has return to him by the bhrama.Since these (vedas)are in the written scripts so there is the way to be stonlen by any manner he(hayagreeva swami) has said to the students(శిష్యులు)all the knwlodge to them including the bhrama.After these distribution of the knwlodge he has come to knwon as "THE GOD OF WISDOM"(విదైశ్వర్య మోక్షము ప్రదాత)"SRI LAKSHMI HAYAGREEVA "{శ్రీ లక్ష్మీహయగ్రీవాయస్వామి} .
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At present thre are three to four tempels all around the world in which the temple located at the machilipatnam is the second in the world.